Gerard Bertrand & Chef Diane Henderiks

Gerard Bertrand & Chef Diane Henderiks

Gérard is successful winemaker in Languedoc, a larger-than-life character with a strong business story to tell.

At 52, he has spent the past 42 years making wine. He started helping out on his father’s estates, before taking over the family business when his dad suddenly, tragically passed away. The young Bertrand was filling some very big shoes. The elder was beloved in the region and known as a pioneer in the region (even though his estate was a small one). The first to put wines in barrels in the 70s, he had built a reputation for creating and marketing Super Premium wines during a time when Languedoc — the world’s largest wine-making region — was dismissed as producing mediocre mass market wines. It’s only been in the past few decades that Languedoc sloughed off this stigma and started to become synonymous with “good value” wines; high quality vintages at reasonable prices. Bertrand is one of the reasons for this change in perception.

Like his father, he is a pioneer. After a life-changing experience with homeopathy he went deep into natural sciences, an exploration that led him to the works of Rudolf Steiner, the father of biodynamic farming. Convinced of the ethos and sense of the technique, he experimented and became a zealous convert.

14 of his estates are now certified biodynamic. So, employing the rigorous rules governing the holistic, sustainable philosophy, his winemaking process follows lunar and star charts and esoteric pagan rituals like burying a manure-filled cow horn. While some dismiss the technique as New Age hocus pocus, what’s undeniable is the farmer’s heightened awareness of the soil’s health and a meaningful link to nature not defined by yield. Evangelical about spreading the gospel, he’s inspired droves of winemakers to do the same and created ways to make it more economical.

As the market for organic and biodynamic wines is steadily growing in the US, he should have already been at the forefront of the surge as his farming and wines are impeccable.

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